Our fleet

     Viano          Vito / Caravelle          Class M / Cayenne          Class E          Class S

Easycabs, it is several different vehicles of the Mercedes brand available all year round, day and night, for your short journeys or your long trips.

 We take pride in offering you the most comfortable and safest vehicles on the market but also high capacity as the Viano so that your journey takes place in the best conditions for relaxation, tranquility and comfort possible.

 For many families, groups of friends or colleagues, or if your luggage is particularly large, we have the solution for you with unlimited capacity. Do not hesitate to apply.

 We also strive to reduce our impact on the environment by adopting the latest technologies in this field, and renewal every year more than half of our fleet to take advantage of the latest technological innovations in standards pollution. (catalytic converters, particulate filters, Euro 4 and 5, etc..).

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Call center : 0033.
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